You can’t judge a book by its cover

Sophistication and sense of style: FRIEND or FOE?

You are a young, dynamic, ambitious, experienced, and attractive woman but you are underestimated?
This post may concern you.


Appearance VS Reality or Reality VS Appearance?

It is a fact, to some people you’ll just be a young, dynamic, ambitious, experienced and attractive woman. Therefore, you have fewer responsibilities, fewer tasks to accomplish and fewer rewards than you should.

So what is the solution for being successful and avoid concealing our feminine side?

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Hello dear bloggers !
Today’s topic is about women in the workplace, and more specifically women as senior managers. This is no secret for anyone, feminism and bureaucracy is a sensitive topic.


Firstly, it is important to say that feminism itself can be a source of conflict between women and men but also between women and women. Today we seek an equal opportunity in the public sphere, but can we say women in the workplace have equal rights with men?
Secondly, when women manage to get a job where men are their subordinates, the team will have to deal with power and control, dominance and subordinance, critique and respect.

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The straw that broke the camel’s back

Camel-In-Beautiful-Omani-DesertHave you ever experienced the feeling of being underestimated, not taken into consideration or even mocked? 

Have you ever experienced abusive management?

This post may concern you. Abusive management is the “use of superior strength or influence to intimidate someone weaker, typically to force them to do something”. (Oxford Dictionary)

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